Libertum is a business project backed by a group of Spanish and international investors and businessmen looking to invest, actively operate and grow a leading company.

Entrepreneurial team with joint experience in investing and operating companies in various industries with the support and commitment of Spanish and international businessmen, managers and investors.

What we offer?

  1. Succession plan to owners seeking liquidity and a relief in day-to-day operations
  2. Preserve and give continuity to the business
  3. Provide value in the form of sustainable growth

What are we looking for?

We seek to acquire a majority stake and manage the day-to-day running of the company, leveraging the experience of our partners and investors to take the company to its full potential.

About us

Libertum is a project led by Juan Bolívar and Jorge Giménez-Arribas, two entrepreneurs with experience in operational management and investment in mid-market companies; motivated to acquire and continue managing a company with dedication, integrity and people-centered values.

They have the support and commitment of a group of national and international investors and businessmen.

Juan Bolivar

Founding Partner

Previously, he worked as Managing Director at ENEB, an online business school with more than 100,000 students enrolled since 2015. During the last three years, Juan was responsible for the management of the company together with the CEO of the group. Prior to ENEB, he worked at Namencis Capital, the search fund that ENEB acquired, where he was co-responsible for the entire search and acquisition process.

He graduated in Business Administration and Management from Carlos III, in Madrid, Spain.

Jorge Gimenez-Arribas

Founding Partner

Before founding Libertum, he worked as an investor in Kartesia, one of the leading private investment funds in Europe with +€5,000m of assets under management, where he completed several operations in Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom. Prior to Kartesia, he worked for more than 4 years at UBS in the investment banking area in the M&A team in London. He has also taught classes on corporate finance and financial modeling at IESE in Madrid.

He graduated in Business Administration and Management from ICADE, in Madrid, Spain.

Institutional Investors

Individual Investors

Libertum's Proposal

We are seeking to acquire a majority stake in a private company. Our goal is to create long-term value by retaining the people who have made the success of the company possible, the culture and the essence of the company.

How are we different from other potential buyers?

Private capital

Private Equity

Strategic Buyer



Maximize profitability in 3-5 years

Impose the culture of the buying company and eliminate fixed costs

Growth and value creation with a long-term focus

The company

A company within an investment group

A small piece within an organization

A single company to manage with total commitment


Layoffs and financial engineering

Elimination of redundant costs

Strengthen and grow the current business


Secondary to financial returns


Career plan and professional development

Capital Availability

Slow process with very high transaction fees

Bureaucracy and very slow process

Immediate availability


Complex with several operations being negotiated simultaneously

Slow and structured to protect the parent company

Fast and focused on the growth of the company


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Juan Bolivar

Jorge Gimenez-Arribas